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Steve Werner

Steve has pursued architecture in Northern Michigan since his graduation from Lawrence Technological University with a BA in Architecture in 1993.  Prior to that Steve studied Graphic Design at Grand Valley State Univ. followed by an associates degree in architecture drafting.  He is definitely a right-brained person, with a passion for the creative process.  Steve carefully listens to the clients’ needs and desires, translating them to image, skills he developed with close to 20 years of practicing architecture. Steve formed and started Shoreline Design in 2000, with a focus on residential design.  Collaboration on a series of projects with Mike Pattullo led to a partnership and the inception of Shoreline Architecture & Design.  He is an avid golfer, boater, and skier, taking advantage of the splendor that Northern Michigan has to offer.  Steve’s real passion is his family:  his wife Jody and twin daughters, Brynn & Riley.  The girls think it’s the greatest that their dad gets to draw pictures for a job,  You know what, he couldn’t agree more.

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